Client care

We prioritize your well-being through attentive and compassionate client care. Your comprehensive care may include:


Drawing on a comprehensive diagnostic framework, acupuncture treatments utilise a refined meridian energy map of the body. We activate specifically selected acupuncture points to stimulate the body’s natural healing capacity and restore effective function. This understanding is rooted in the Eastern cultural perception of the human condition, incorporating body, mind and spirit.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicines can be prescribed according to your diagnostic assessment and treatment plan, to relieve symptoms, address root problems, promote circulation, activate Qi and blood, relieve pain, invigorate energy, replenish depletion.…and so much more.


Drawing on Japanese traditions, moxa may be used for strategic warming of points, using small smokey mugwort herb cones, to encourage circulation. This can be applied to various conditions including fatigue, muscle pain and gynaecology.

Food as Medicine

Asian culture has a long history of observing dietary effects on health. We can apply this knowledge to support your specific treatment plan.

Lifestyle advice

Practical home strategies can empower you to significantly enhance your health outcomes.

Cupping, Gua Sha & Tui Na Massage

Like an invigorating massage, these techniques may be integrated into treatment, to relieve muscle pain, body tension and promote circulation.

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We may help manage symptoms associated with…

Pain relief

Musculo-skeletal issues, sports injuries, headaches, arthritis, shock and accident recovery, surgical preparation and recovery.

Women's health

Hormone & gynaecological issues: menstrual menarche to menopause. Fertility and reproductive health. Pregnancy, morning sickness, birth preparation and post-natal care. UTI’s.

Respiratory & skin conditions

Hayfever, lingering coughs, chronic sinus and asthma-like symptoms. Skin: shingles, eczema, psoriasis, skin rashes.

Gut / digestive issues

Sluggish, bloating, irregular bowels, IBS, reflux, nausea, cramping, gout.


Activate a plan for the health results you seek. For general health, seasonal disorders and chronic conditions.

Resilient Immune system

Support for post-viral syndromes, and recurring conditions incl long Covid.

Children/ Adolescents

Digestion, coughs, skin conditions, general health using Shonishin non-insertive techniques.

Stress relief

Anxiety, shock, grief, insomnia, headaches.

Men's health

Prostate issues, sports injuries.